Successful websites designed in your own house style by our own team.

Once you are ready to turn your business into a real online business, you naturally need a good website. A website today has to meet many requirements to be excellent compared to the competition. We have a real passion for web design and website development.

We build 100% responsive websites (which work optimally on mobile, tablet and desktop) based on the latest trends and technologies. Our websites are user-friendly and safe. Our starting point is a good experience for your customers and visitors. In addition, our websites are search engine friendly so that they can be easily found in Google. All our websites come with an easily manageable CMS and we provide an integration with all relevant and previously agreed statistics.

Webshop development and MPCs such as Amazon and come together here

Reach hundreds of millions of potential customers. In new markets in Europe and beyond. We beat the competition with our effective and advanced solutions. We work with our customers on the most impactful MPCs such as Amazon and We know the secrets to increase and accelerate sales success.

In addition to organic sales, we have a huge box of tricks from which we can draw in order to realize ambitious KPIs. This could include simple solutions around SEO and SEA, but also affiliate programs, landing pages, separate stores and smart targeting solutions.

Beat my competitors through findability and visibility.

Scoring higher in google is not difficult. It is a matter of “doing”. We use proven methods. For several customers we have managed to achieve (organically) and maintain number 1 positions on Google. From the quality of your incoming link (very decisive for your position) to the correct (and the correct number) of keywords in your text, we know what to do. A number 1, 2 or 3 position on Google is the highest achievable goal. “If you aim for the stars, you never end up with dirt on your hands”. We make a good analysis in advance, after which we get to work in order to achieve the objectives and achieve measurable results.

Rewarding loyal customers to increase operating profit

Programs aimed at attracting consumers to you and encouraging repeat purchases are timeless. From the hairdresser on the corner, the fish shop to a gas station. We are now specialized in setting up loyalty programs, particularly for the hospitality industry. We realize consumer retention through targeted and well thought out incentives (from savings, rewards, benefits, graduated scales to…). Whether it concerns increasing the number of visits per period or the disposable amount per visit that you want to increase, together we set clear KPIs and start setting up the associated infrastructure that responds to the psychology of the consumer and the associated customer journey. Knowing who your customers are is the basis, so we start with a database. Our loyalty programs can be set up simply and effectively.

However, if desired, this can extend from your POS system to all social media and your other online assets. The goal is simple: a great experience for your customer and a better bottom line for you.

Wanneer gewenst kan dit echter doorwerken van uw POS systeem tot alle sociale media en uw andere online assets. Het doel is simpel: een fantastische ervaring voor uw klant en een beter bedrijfsresultaat voor u.

We help you directly and structurally to generate new customers.

Lead Generation is a fantastic tool for both B2B and B2C oriented products and / or services. Depending on the specific situation, we come up with a concrete plan. We help our customers realize their growth strategy through targeted Social Media use. The right platforms (from Linkedin to Facebook) with the right techniques.

For our B2B customers we usually work with our unique “Conversational Lead Generation” model. Via LinkedIn, e-mail and telephone, our specialists approach prospects in personal 1-on-1 conversations, who we then qualify and convince via several contact moments to enter into a substantive conversation with you. This allows us to deliver qualified leads.

For our B2C customers we usually work with “Electronic Lead Generation” which we usually link with the real world. Whether it is to find qualified test drive riders for the launch of a new model. We also have an effective toolbox for FMCG products, from personalization to community management. We bring solutions that help you realize the growth strategy.

Using automated systems for the customer journey.

Are you ready? We do! This is online marketing on steroids. Through our unique 5-step plan, we not only look for online automated options together, we do A-B tests and ensure complete connection to the customer journey. We merge all touch points, from social media, email, to MPCs. Do you want more structure in your marketing and (partly) automate processes? Then contact us.